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Know When to Stop

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Yesterday at dinner, we talked about something happened during lunch on Saturday with a best friend couple. My friend talked about how admire she is about one of her team member who has a very good attitude (Her colleague has a relatively very good family) and they travel a lot to a lot good places this year already. I told her that it would depress the friends because we are not coming from this kind of families. Besides, they might be just the same as us if they are at our level. My friend said she got it and understood the implications.

If this was the end of story, it would have been a pleasant dinner. However, I kept going on and on talking about the issue (I should have stopped it but I couldn't). Eventually, she got mad at me.

At that moment, I realized I don't know when to stop. I am not sure it's because I am not so confident in myself or not so sure the audience has gotten the ideas.No matter what, I do not like to have this in me.

I apologized to her and came clean with this bad habits. And then, she told me that she got the points after my first sentence.

As we all told others or ourselves: I am good with communications' or 'I have a good communication skill'. To prove that, we can go on and on about how to write professional emails, to do great presentations, etc. For example, we need to trust our audience and pick the proper format to communicate the information, etc. However, one of the most important thing to do to be effective is 'Know When to Stop'.

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