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mksysb 报错

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# mksysb -i /backup/system.bak

Creating information file (/ for rootvg.

Creating list of files to back up.
Backing up 58252 files.backup: 0511-089 Cannot open ./var/tmp/slp_srvreg.lock: Cannot open or remove a file containing a running program.



Restoring a mksysb of an AIX 5.3 TL10 system or higher, or AIX 6.1 TL03 or higher, the following message is displayed: 
backup: 0511-089 Cannot open ./var/tmp/slp_srvreg.lock: Cannot open                   
or remove a file containing a running program.                                         


Not applicable. 


Stop SLP before creating the mksysb.

To stop SLP on AIX, kill the slpd daeamon: 

ps -ef | grep slp_srvreg 


Starting with AIX 5.3 TL10 and AIX 6.1.TL03, the IBM Systems Director 6.1.n.n Common Agent is installed and started per default with AIX (if the Systems Management bundle (AIX 6.1) or the Graphics bundle (AIX 5.3) is selected for installation).

Starting the agent will start SLP (look for slp_srvreg -D process). The SLP daemon opens a lock file /var/tmp/slp_srvreg.lock when it is started. This is to check if another slp_srvreg daemon is already running on the system. In that case, when SLP daemon is already running, any attempt to start another slp_srvreg daemon will fail.

When creating a mksysb while the slp_srvreg daemon is running, the backup cannot save the /var/tmp/slp_srvreg.lock. file.

This is the desired behavior. because if the /var/tmp/slp_srvreg.lock. file gets backed up and then restored, it would not be possible to start the slp_srvreg daemon on the new system unless the lock file is removed.

The problem is not specific to the Director agent. SLP could run without Director agent running and while creating a mksysb, and the same message will appear.

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