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and whose names are unmarked

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and whose names are unmarked

Now, it is most likely that all these presentations are either made or promised; and it is obvious, that those Governors having only presentations Christian Louboutin Outlet Online in turn, , Christian Louboutin Outlet will probably have presentations the next or succeeding 7Hf We shall insert a list, as early as possible, of those Governors who shall have presentations for Easter, 1825, which, when compared with the list just published, will show those Governors who, not having had presentations for 1831 or 1835, may be expected to have presentations for 1826, and so on from year to year. We before alluded to the advantage of obtaining only a conditional promise; this may also be obtained by procuring the promise of a governor at a period too remote for the Louboutin Outlet intended object Suppose, for instance, that the child is now eight or nine years of age, and a Governor has already disposed of his presentation for 1825, but would be willing to give the next presentation, which will probably come to his tum in 1838, when the child alluded to would be above the age limited for admission: in such case application should be made to the Governors to find one who may be desirous Christian Louboutin Sale of presenting a child Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes now but five or six years old, inadmissible by non age, and whose presentation is for 1825 or 1826; such Governor would present the elder child, and the Governor whose presentation is for 1838, would present the younger child, which would be then of sufficient age. We need not, of course, remark upon the mode of application to the Governors, or the propriety of respect, and due regard to Christian Louboutin Discount their convenience, to prevent defeating the object by intrusive or pertinacious importunity; and whilst we earnestly desire that the real object of this noble charity may Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers alone be admitted, we should extremely regret that our observations led to impertinent obtrusion on the time of the liberal benefactors to the Institution. Much has been said about the Governors of this Hospital abusing their right of presentation, by presenting the children of opulent parents to the institution. This may have been" the case in an instance or two; and what wonder in an establishment consisting, in town and country, of upwards of a thousand boys! But there is no great danger of an abuse of this sort ever becoming very general. There is an old quality in human nature which will perpetually present an adequate preventive to this evil.



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