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and there are some very

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and there are some very

A e Pl ts are now coming in very fine. Fish Salmon, five pence to eightpence the pound; cod, two to four shillings each; eels, eight pence the pound. Flouk, Ms. the sack of 280 lbs. Bread 9)1d. credit, full price; ready money, Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes Sd. Candles, good, 7s.; bad, Ss. OtL; indifferent, G.v. per dozen. Coals, Walls End of course (who ever had any other ?) 40s. to MU. per chaldron MODERN MARKETS. NO. VII. Whifechapel. This market forms one side of Aidgate High street, within the city of London, extending from the Minories on the west, to Somerset street on the Christian Louboutin Discount east; it consists of about thirty butchers' shops. Several eminent carcase butchers and salesmen carry on business here, respectable retail shops: the front of the carcase butchers' are let out to petty retailers; therefore the respectability of the owner of the premises is no guarantee against purchasing bad meat at these stalls; indeed (Fleetmarket excepted) I never saw worse meat any where than I have seen Louboutin Outlet here. In this market the meat consumed by the Jews of the metropolis it chiefly slaughtered; Christian Louboutin Outlet the chosen people, who strictly observe the ordinances of their religion, refuse to eat any meat not killed by the particular persons who are appointed by the Eriests to this office: the animal's end is drawn back, when the slayer, having whetted his knife to an extreme degree of sharpness, pushes it from him across the throat of the animal, and again drawing it to him, nearly severs the head from the body; he then passes the edge across his nail, and should he discover any, if ever so little, notch in the knife, or if, upon inspection, the viscera, or any other part of the animal, be found diseased, the carcase is pronounced Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers triphor, which signifies bad. and is rejected accordingly; if, on the other Christian Louboutin Outlet Online hand, the knife retain its edge unbroken, and the viscera and other parts appear healthy, it is pronounced cot in, or good, and the fore parts (the hind parts are not allowed to be eaten by the Jewish laws) sealed, as a proof that due observance has been had to the requisite inspection: these peculiarities raise the retail price of meat among the Jews above a penny in the pound. This market has l een in existence several centuries: most of the houses have been modernized within the last half century; only one (Mr. Sheffield's) retains the style. of building so prevalent Christian Louboutin Sale three or four centuries ago.



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