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The sand maker is widely used in modern times

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With the rapid development of China's economy in the process of industrial development of modern machinery, sand industry has gone through the stages of development rely on cheap labor advantage and expense of the environment at the expense of extensive, to comply with international low-carbon economic development trends, the sand industry are actively towards the development path to explore the energy saving and environmental protection
We take a look at the climbers Heavy VSI Sand the entire work process: the material into the hopper, and economic center of the feed inlet into the high-speed rotation of the rejection round, thrown round of rapid acceleration, the acceleration up to tens of several times the acceleration due to gravity, then thrown round high-speed injection, first with another part of the material rebound in free fall impact, and then with the impact of material lining or counterattack rebound oblique impact on the top of the vortex chamber, but also to change its direction of motion deflected downward movement, with the material emitted from the impeller impact the formation of a continuous material curtain.
In this way, a material in the vortex crushing cavity by repeated impact, friction and abrasive. So as to achieve the effect of the sand, crushing the material discharged from the lower part of the discharge opening. Have a certain amount of moisture in the body due to raw material compound, and heat in the sand, the water evaporates, and the whole pipe joints are not tight, outside the gas is inhaled, the circulation pressure increased, to ensure that the work of Sand in the vacuum state .
Sand grinding technology in recent years along with the modern high-tech and new materials industries developed a new crush engineering, domestic climbers Heavy Industries is the world's advanced level of high-performance crushing equipment, the modern high-tech industries the development has made a great contribution. Sand industry in China has become a cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary industry, the output value of the sand industry has accounted for the first two industrial output value of more than half of the total in the national economy which occupies an important position. Sand making industry because of its extensive, cutting-edge and practicality, in the national economy as a whole has a very important strategic position.

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