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The new direction of ball mill in next ten years

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The ball mill equipment is an important part of the mining machinery inside, including the use of energy-saving ball mill, cement mill, continuous ball mill, over-sized ball mill and other dozens of different devices, not only in the deep processing of the raw materials of coal, electricity, chemicals, building materials industry play a huge role, but also for the construction of railways, highways, utilities, municipal engineering, efficient, reliable technology and equipment protection. Depth study of the development status of the international and domestic mill equipment, industry technology development trend and trends, especially the cutting-edge technology of the mill equipment, the further development of our country and improve mill equipment manufacturing level, to provide more for the development of coal, metal and nonmetal mines more with the international advanced level of high quality, efficient equipment to meet national economic development, the need for energy and raw materials is of great significance.
Mining machinery and equipment in the next 20 years will be a key point of the partition! In the next 20 years, mining machinery may not be today a common kind of has a very bulky body mechanical Mining machinery and equipment to have a qualitative leap in the next 20 years! The technical staff to collect the relevant data analysis: the current level of technology of mining machinery, based on production to promote beneficiation crushing and screening equipment for the mainstream development of the next 20 years, and will remain so. Further improve accuracy, efficiency, automation, intelligent, network based on the step by step to the processing unit and high-end equipment manufacturing system transition. That is to say, the mineral processing industry to develop a breakthrough on the individual units. R & D and production to some high-end equipment.
Because its higher standards on the level and shape of concrete sand and gravel aggregate, especially for the content of needle and slice shaped basalt, the simple cone crusher or impact crusher processing can not meet the requirements. With more and more indicators, the domestic famous mining machinery enterprises Henan Hongxing lanched PXC series sand maker, PXL series cone crusher and the advanced stone production line which can fully meet the technical requirements. The third generation of sand maker is the necessary equipment for the production of high performance concrete aggregate and high quality stone. The materials shaped by this sand maker can fully meet the high requirements of high-speed railway construction.

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