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The introduction of belt conveyor characteristics

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Belt conveyor, also called continuity conveyor, is a kind of machinery transporting materials in a certain line continuously. Its transmission line is generally constant, and able to take horizontal or tilting transmission as well as form. space transmission lines. The machine has a great transmission capacity and long distance, which can also achieve some process operations simultaneously.
Belt conveyor made by our company has the advantages of large transportation amount, simple structure, convenient maintenance, standard components and so on. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other departments in order to transport loose materials and finished products. Based on the transmission process requirements, all kinds of transmission methods are available to meet the needs of different operation lines.
This conveyor has the characteristics of the following aspects:
(1) nose structural steel frame. structure, the main structure of a release channel steel welding processed, the nose section of the large belt conveyors use of higher strength of H-shaped steel welding, angle steel, channel as an auxiliary component. Depending on the transport and installation conditions, can be designed as a whole or split modular.
(2) the conveyor can be used single-motor drives, can also be used for the dual motor drive to adapt to a variety of transportation tasks and the length of the conveyor. Gear is equipped with a hydraulic coupling, in order to improve the startup performance of the conveyor, and to ensure that tend to balance load distribution in the two-motor drive.
(3) the middle part of the steel frame. or tube frame. structure, a simple structure, transport disassembly and adjustment easy. A longer service life of the middle frame. and high recycling rate swaps, to reduce production inputs in the same specification conveyor.
(4) H-shaped support of the middle frame. brittle can be designed to be adjustable type,to adapt to the conditions of a high degree of fluctuation of the roadway floor, to ensure that the conveyor belt to almost straight, reducing the amount of roadway engineering.
(5) The tape tensioning device according to site conditions, set in the machine head, the engine department, or the middle of the Ministry of Depending on the length of the belt conveyor, conveyor and layout needs, you can worm volume simply tensioning device tensioning winches tensioning device or hydraulic tensioning device for the timely adjustment of the tape tension.

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