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Hongxing can help you realize the energy saving

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According to the latest media reports, the first batch of 40 mineral resources comprehensive utilization demonstration bases were officially launched, which will be a good opportunity to integrate and reasonable use of mining resources. In recent years, the ministry of land and resources has payed more and more attention to the mining, the available resource continuously decline, the enterprises brought about more requirements for dressing in order to improve the grade of ore mining. At the same time the awareness of green mining and green mines constantly was growing, which called higher request on ore beatification quality and efficiency. Hongxing ore dressing equipments with many years of practical experience, has been successfully used in  the mining and post-processing for a number of mines.
As one of the most important pillar industries of national economy, construction industry has also developed rapidly in the nearly one hundred years, which inevitably produced a considerable amount of by-products in the process of construction, use and demolition of buildings which is generally called construction waste. What course to follow for the huge number of construction waste has become the common focus problem in the whole world. Developed countries carried out a series of effective research and practice aiming at this issue in early times and proved that the realization of the construction waste recycling is the effective prescription to solve the social problem.
Hongxing Machinery thinks that enhancing the comprehensive utilization of the construction waste is the important approach of economizing land and resources, and in the meantime is an important work of cleansing the city environment, is important measure of the development of recycling economy and the construction of environment friendly and resource-saving society and is the inevitable requirement for the implementation of the scientific development outlook and the realization of sustainable development and environment protection. The renewable aggregate which firstly dealt with by this equipment and then produced by the sand maker can become various kinds of environmentally-friendly building materials such as hollow bricks, plant grass brick, square brick, permeable brick, floods and tooth tile, etc.
It solves the problem of environmental purification and sustainable use, and making full use of this machine greatly reduces the fees produced in the transportation of the construction waste, reduces the pollution of environment and the purification artificial work and life of the urban environment.

With its high quality products such as Rock crusher, Cement rotating dryer, Vibrating screen, cone crusher, Henan Hongxing mining machinery Co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipments.

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