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The common types stoppages of Raymond mill

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Raymond mill (Raymond Grinder) machine is used to grind barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talcum, marble, limestone, ceram and slag below scale 7 of Moth's hardness and 280 odd sorts of non-inflammable and non-explosive stuff in the traded of mining, building material, chemical engineering and metallurgy for power generation and processing. The product size is adjustable on required in the range of 100-425 meshes.
Load the stuff for grinding evenly and continuously into the grinding chamber of the main frame. Due to the centrifugal force in rotation, the roller swings outward and presses closely upon the ring. The shovel carries the stuff to the space between the roller and ring. When the roller rolls, the stuff is thus grinded.
First, in the production process you will find that output size have been adjusted already, but now the product particle size is becoming larger.The cause is the loose belt which easily lead to the product particle size become larger.Solution: Tighten the belt and adjusts other parts corresponding.Then the particle size can achieve a satisfactory product.
Second, the mill's body shake ceaselessly. Take it easy and cut off the power, then check.The problem may have three reasons: 1, no fastening parts; 2, corner cap screws loose; 3, the curving spindle resulting in part weight imbalance. Solution is very simple: 1. check of each part firmly; 2, the screw cap tightened; 3, replace the spindle and carefully examine and adjust the balance.
Third, sometimes encountered mill bearing locking cylinder (brake step up the tire so much that there is not relative motion between the tire the brakes), this is more trouble, but the operator must be not panic, cut off power then do careful examination.The reason may be: 1, bearing over-heating; 2, bearing short of oil or dust into the body; 3, the bearing damaged. Then please follow the corresponding maintenance method following: 1, if bearing overheating, let the machine to stop a break; 2, check ,clean and oil the bearing; 3, if bearing is damaged, only pay close attention to the replacement of the bearings, so as not to damage other parts.
Above three treatment methods are just common types stoppages of mill.If you encounter the operator can not solve problems, or obstacles arising from unknown causes, please feel easy to contact with our sales department immediately, and they will looking for professional technical personnel to give our users the best solution.

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