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Guidance of purchasing the suitable cone crusher

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Cone crusher is suitable for the crushing of materials in the industries of metallurgy, building, road paving, chemical and silicate. It can crush kinds of ores and rocks with the hardness of medium and above medium. Cone crushers have the advantages of big reduction ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and equal granule. It is used in the medium and fine crush of all kinds of ores and rocks.
Types of cone crusher: Symons cone crusher、Secondary cone crusher、Hydraulic cone crusher、China cone crusher、spring cone crusher, CS series high efficiency spring cone crusher, HPC Hydraulic cone crusher, HCS high efficiency hydraulic cone crusher, etc.
Cone crusher is dividing in to standard type, short type, generally used in middle and fine crushing. Standard type, generally used in second crushing, Short head type, generally used in fine crushing.Spring cone crusher has four Chambers that is especially coarse, coarse, medium, small type.The principle of selection is to look at the feed particle size and particle size of the decision to discharge into the Liao duo large, coarse particle size, choose special coarse or coarse, and vice versa type of medium and fine. In the calculation of particle size, the open side with the largest population size multiplied by 0.85 feed into the material size as a selection based on the average size of the product is divided by the maximum feed crushing ratio.
Spring cone crusher standard used for open loop, short head type is used for closed loop. When choose the scale board, users consider three factors generally, that is capacity, power dissipation, wearing resistance of the scaleboaed. Should be abbey the following principle: Maximum feed size; size changes to the particle size distribution; material hardness; material wear resistance? The higher the longer the power liner, hard-liner material selection is short, long soft liner material selection, the distribution of the material, fine material selected short liner, long liner thick material selection. Feed particle size distribution, in general, less than the closed side of the nesting population cannot exceed 10% of the material, if more than 10%, the increase in power consumption, product size becomes flaky. Viscous material increase in the amount of moisture can affect the throughput of materials; the material is water, generally no more than 5%.

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