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Hammer is the main work parts in hammer crusher

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The hammer crusher mainly consists of rotor, hammer, counterattack lining board, plate etc.Driving by the motor, rotor rotates on high speed in the crushing cavity. Materials are fed from the upper feeding mouth, being crushing on the effect of high-speed hammer impacting, shearing, abrasive. Blow the hammer , in the rotor lower, with screen panel, crushing material in less than the size of the screen hole of level through the sieve eduction, greater than the size of the screen hole resisting in the sieve, continue to be hammered blow and grinded, educing  through the last sieve plate.
In hammer crusher, the high speed rotating hammer will impact and crush and grind the limestones. For the equipments in long working time is bearing the impact and friction of materials, rotor members are worn, deformation, damaged and will lose the normal work ability, which is inevitable. If we don’t do regularly rotor work analysis, life prediction and do planned maintenance and overhaul, once emergencies appear, these emergencies will cause severe losses that all production will stop,which is so serious to the enterprises.
The main faults of the hammer crusher are: hammer shaft hole on hammer dish and the outer edge are worn seriously, hammer shaft fracturing, hammer dish cracking, lock device failure, spindle displacement, bearing heating, bearing damaged, spindle deformation and even rupture.
This hammer crusher is applicable for both dry and wet crushing. Hammer crusher is widely used for medium or fine crushing for medium hard and brittle materials by departments of mine, cement, coal, building material, metallurgy, chemical industry, road construction, gas chemical industry and thermal power generation, etc. Coal gangue, coke, slag, limestone, phosphate rock, salt, whiting, gypsum stains, alum, brick and tile, etc. can be crushed by this equipment. The compression strength of the materials shall not exceed 100MPa, while the moisture content shall be lower than 15%.The hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for intermediate and fine crushing the brittle materials with less than intermediate such as limestone coal and other used in metallurgy, building material, chemical and water - power industry, with a feature of big crushing ratio and even product graininess.
The main content of hammer repairing and gradation on hammer crusher are: hammer is the main work parts in hammer crusher.

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