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Maintenance and lubrication of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher is one of the most popular stone-crushing equipments in the world, Jaw Crusher is ideally suitable for primary and secondary crushing. The highest anti-pressure strength of crushed material is 320MPA. Our design and production are of high position both at home and abroad.
1, The checks to prove that mechanical transmission part is normal, before the start.
2, The machine is started under load conditions only in the case of promises.
3, Starts, if found to have abnormalities, should immediately stop running, you must identify and eliminate non-normal, then re-start the crushing machine.
Jaw Crusher Maintenance And Using
1,The normal jaw crusher operation, and then begin to feed stone.
2, Breaking the material should be uniform. to join the crushing chamber, feeding should be avoided to prevent a sudden increase in load or unilateral mutations.
3, Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35 ℃, the maximum temperature rise does not exceed 70 ℃.
4, In use, Ruoyin crushing chamber materials, blockage caused by the parking should be immediately shut down the motor, material must be removed first Ti and then restart.
Jaw Crusher Lubrication
1,The regular and timely attention to the lubrication of friction surfaces, and then, in order to ensure the normal operation of crusher and prolong life.
2, The machine used in the calcium-based grease, users can also be used according to the location of the machine, temperature, and the choice of other types of oils and fats other conditions, but must be protected by a well-oiled bearings.
3, By adding 50-70% of the total bearing, oil, must be replaced every 3 months. Oil change, the application of clean gasoline and kerosene, and carefully clean ball bearing slides.
4, Elbow board, elbow pads plate in contact with the oil before the start of the crushing machine.
Please carefully examine the fasteners, especially lubrication components and bolts, before the machine is started. Enough oil must be needed on each lubrication component. Fasten the loose bolts, clear the crushing cavity, and then start the machine. During the normal operation, even material feeding is important. Insufficient load or over load is not allowed. Moving jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, side guard plate and roof plate are wearing parts, and much attention should be paid to them.

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