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The lubrication of crusher is an essential part

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The lubrication of a crusher is the indispensable and very important in its daily maintenance.According to the actual situation of the characteristics of mining machinery, it is very strict requirement for the oil:
1, Due to the volume of mining equipment and its fuel tank capacity both are small, so it is very easy to appear a higher temperature of the oil in the process of working for a crusher. Thus it needs the oil with a good lubricating oxidation stability and thermal stability.
2,Because of the extremely bad working environment of the gravel mines machinery such as big dust and moisture, lubricating oil is very susceptible to the external environment of the impurities of the oil pollution, so the oil must be with excellent rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Only in this way, when oil was in bad impact on the environment outside, its performance won't change a lot.
3, The working environment of the mining machinery and equipment is generally outdoors, so the work environment is easy susceptible to the changing of temperature, especially in the winter and summer the temperature difference is large, and in some areas between day and night is greater, so it requires that lubricant viscosity must have less by the influence of the temperature, which, on the one hand , will not lead to spend and can't be low viscous line to become lubrication in a high temperature, on the other hand, to avoid low temperature, lubricating oil viscosity is too low to start with operation difficulties.
4, And some mining crusher are easy to have the accidents of fire or explosion, which of course requires the lubricating oil with certain resistance to flammability and cannot use combustible mineral oil to lubrication.
5,Finally the tightness of the lubricants must be very good, in case that the seals damage and influence the effect of the lubricating oil.Which may even lead to unnecessary risks.
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