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The current development of China's LED lighting

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Our government as well as provincial and municipal enterprises attach great importance to the development of LED lighting, 2010, the majority of domestic enterprises invest heavily in the areas of production of LED chip, LED chip price is not expensive if the daughter, but gradually reduced the price, especially in lighting applications high power LED price declines has reached about 15-20%. It is worth mentioning is that in the coming years, China plans to increase to more than 1200 LED devices by MOCVD. Capital investment and state support to improve the production of chips, at the same time greatly contributed to the cost of domestic  products, the decline in prices.
The current circumstances, subject to the enhancement of luminescence efficiency of the upstream chip prices fell and the LED lighting apparatus, a growing emphasis on the development of LED lighting in the area, and the LED industry is also showing a very good development trend. Experts predict that the share of the domestic lighting market, LED 2010 market share of less than five percent, but the market share in 2011 is expected to double, reaching more than 10%, and within two years. with scientific and technological development and innovation,high power LED technology is more mature, its market share is at least able to reach the fifth. LED lighting in the development process, construction night lighting is undoubtedly one of the main direction of development. Whole the price of LED lighting products in the short term downward trend.
In addition, technological advances also contributed to the 3w LED chip prices lower one of the reasons. According to reports, the U.S. Department of Energy set the LED point of view, the 2010 target is 140lm / W, 2020, LED luminous efficiency will reach 243lm / W.

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