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Indexex Cluster

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Overview of Indexed Clusters

An indexed cluster is a table cluster that uses an index to locate data. The cluster index is a B-tree index on the cluster key. A cluster index must be created before any rows can be inserted into clustered tables.

CREATE CLUSTER employees_departments_cluster
   (department_id NUMBER(4))
SIZE 512;

CREATE INDEX idx_emp_dept_cluster ON CLUSTER employees_departments_cluster;

You then create the employees and departments tables in the cluster, specifying the department_id column as the cluster key, as follows (the ellipses mark the place where the column specification goes):

CREATE TABLE employees ( ... )
   CLUSTER employees_departments_cluster (department_id);
CREATE TABLE departments ( ... )
   CLUSTER employees_departments_cluster (department_id);

Finally, you add rows to the employees and departments tables. The database physically stores all rows for each department from the employees and departments tables in the same data blocks. The database stores the rows in a heap and locates them with the index.

Creating Cluster Indexes

The B-tree cluster index associates the cluster key value with the database block address (DBA) of the block containing the data. For example, the index entry for key 20 shows the address of the block that contains data for employees in department 20:


The cluster index is separately managed, just like an index on a nonclustered table, and can exist in a separate tablespace from the table cluster.

A cluster index must be created before any rows can be inserted into any clustered table. The following statement creates a cluster index for the emp_dept cluster:

CREATE INDEX emp_dept_index
   ON CLUSTER emp_dept
      NEXT 50K
      PCTINCREASE 33);

The cluster index clause (ON CLUSTER) identifies the cluster, emp_dept, for which the cluster index is being created. The statement also explicitly specifies several storage settings for the cluster and cluster index.

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