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Gravity concentration applied in hammer crusher

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The gravity concentration method has the advantage of cone crusher simple structure, low manufacturing cost and less environmental pollution etc, still one of the most important methods for mineral separation. It is widely used to process minerals ore of bigger density difference and is a traditional way to choose the gold, tungsten, sternum, and also for the coal and rare mental(tantalum, niobium, titanium, zirconium etc.)

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hammer Crusher


1. Big crushing ratio: Maximum feeding size is 1.3~1.5m, the discharging size is 3~150mm and it can be adjusted.

2. High fineness of discharging size: favorable shape with aggregate, the powdery material is no more than 20%.

3. Simple operation process: the two or three stage crushing is reduced into single stage.

4. Low running cost: smaller power, so the production cost is decreased greatly.

5. Simple structure, high efficiency, light equipment quality and easy to operate and maintain.


The hammer and article labyrinth screen wears out easily and it needs long time to repair and find the balance. When crushing the hard materials, the wear becomes faster. When crushing the sticky and wet materials, it is easy to block the seam of article labyrinth, which will make the equipment stop. Therefore, the water content of materials should be less than 10%.

In coal washing plant, the gravity concentration, which being the main coal concentration method, take the task of processing 75%~80% coal. It is also used to choose iron, manganese ore and nonmetal ore such as: asbestos, diamond, kaolin etc. For the non ferrous metal (copper, PH, Zn) using flotation concentration, it can also be used to make preliminary separation to rid of larger grade ore or surrounding rock to concentrate the mental to the primary concentration. While the dewatering and separating are almost the necessary procedure in all mining plant. Although the gravity method has less effort to fine grade separating, it has effective effort to handle different kinds of grade material. It also has simple structure, big production capacity, and low manufacturing cost so that it is used by priority at suitable situation. china mobile crushers:
stone jaw crusher:

At present, our company mainly produces and sells two types hammer crusher, the single-stage hammer crusher and the high-efficiency hammer crusher. Welcome you to visit our company.

The magnetic separation has mainly been used to choose the ball mill black mental ore. For now, the magnetic separation is still of dominate position in the iron ore plant. Beside the black metal ore, it is with no doubt that the magnetic separation has been widely used for rare metal and nonmetal ore, such as the primary concentration of tungsten & sternum, seashore sand ore, the purity of kaolin and the preliminary separation for asbestos ore.

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