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Hongxing rotary kiln has certain status in China

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According to the difference of the drying material, the rotary kiln can be divided into cement rotary kiln, lime rotary kiln and the metallurgy rotary kiln. The consumption of rotary kilns with different use is different. The rotary kiln is the drying equipment with large energy consumption no matter what kind of rotary kiln it is.

The drying technology of rotary kiln is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, paper and other industries. The drying process of the rotary kiln is a high energy-consuming process, which consumes huge energy and resources. At present, the average energy efficiency of drying process of domestic rotary kiln is only 40%-50%, while the advanced level abroad is generally more than 70%. In the drying process of some of the important industries in China, the situation where the rotary kiln is monopolized by the foreign countries is always there. In the past five years, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has increased the technical research and development investment on the market of the dryer. The success of many high-tech researches eased the dominate situation of foreign countries on the market of the rotary kiln to a certain extent.

Hongxing energy-saving rotary kiln wireless temperature measurement equipment uses the latest wireless communication technology, which transmits the temperature data in the kiln measured by the thermocouple to the operating room to display. The kiln temperature transmitter is powered by the battery, which can simultaneously acquire multiple thermocouple signals. It is installing on the body of the kiln and rotates with the cylinder. Since the insulation measures have been taken, it is able to tolerate the tube radiation high temperature above 300℃ which is waterproof and quake-proof with sunscreen. shaking concentrator:
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Under the guidance of the research and development staff, the energy-saving rotary kiln produced by Hongxing Mining Machinery has been received in the market. Hongxing Mining Machinery has a strong service team with carefulness, meticulousness and harmony. From the pre-sales advice and enthusiastic service to the promotion of the products in the sale, we are required to carefully treat every customer with detailed work and build harmonious relationship with customers. We have made careful arrangements on every aspect to solve a series of problems for the customers, because we have strong design and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical maintenance, non-scheduled return visit, strict quality assurance and quick after-sales services.

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