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Special part of dryer machine in Hongxing

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Like other industrial technologies, the drying technology of the Dryer machine has also made considerable progress in the application process. The type of dryers that has been developed has reached over 400 kinds, and over 200 kinds of dryers have been applied to the industrial production, of which there are many new dryers. Some of the dryers are improved on the respect of the structure of the ordinary dryer structure improvements, some learn from and absorb the advantages of other dryers, and some is a completely new idea.

Almost all industries are inseparable from the drying operation. Correctly understanding the drying technology and the working mechanism of the drying equipment is helpful to successfully complete the drying process, but we still need to continue to invest human and material resources for the further research and development of drying technology. While the products with high quality are produced, we also should make efficient use of energy to reduce the adverse impact on the environment, which is easier to implement the process operation and control. Typically, three aspects of knowledge and technology are needed during the development and applications of the drying technology of drying equipment. The first is that you should need to understand the physical and chemical properties of dry material and the using characteristics of the products. Second, you should be familiar with the principles of the passing process namely the mass transfer, heat transfer, fluid mechanics and aerodynamics and so on. Third, you should have means for the implementation that is to carry out the engineering design of the drying process, the main equipment, electrical and instrumentation control. Obviously, the knowledge and technology of these three areas does not belong to a subject area. In practice, the knowledge and technology of these three areas is indispensable. Therefore, drying technology is a cross-sectored and interdisciplinary technology. magnetic drum separator:
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Drying is a large unit operation with large industrial energy consumption. According to records, 14% of the industrial energy in developed countries is used for drying. The drying energy consumption of some trades even accounts for 35% of the total energy consumption of production and the number constantly increases. At the same time, the use of fossil fuels as a heat source for drying operations produces large amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases. The exhaust gas of the dryer device (these gases entrain some of the dust) has an adverse impact on the atmospheric environment, which is a great challenge for the growing global concern 'Environmental Protection'. The drying technology of the drying equipment has a wide application field. In the face of the materials, the quality of the products and the others with different industries and different physical and chemical properties, drying technology is a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary technology with the nature of experimental science.

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