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Hongxing deals with these situations of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, road, rail and chemical industry. It has a feature of big crushing ratio, such as uniform. finished product size, simple structure, big reduction ratio, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operation cost. The highest anti-pressure strength of crushed material is 320MPa. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, highway, railroad, and chemistry industries and etc. Many models are available according to your different fineness requirements.

Any machine will have some breakdowns during the using process. In the daily maintenance work, the operational workers should be able to correctly make a judgment to the breakdowns of the machine, precisely analyze the reasons so that they will be able to take elimination actions immediately. The frequent breakdowns and the causing reasons and the elimination methods of the jaw crusher are as follows:

(1) The crash of metal can be heard during the working process of the crushing machine and the crushing teeth will shake.

The causing reasons are the side lining board of the crushing chamber and the crushing tooth board is loose, the fixed bolt is loose or breaks.

The elimination method is: stop the crusher, check the fixing condition of the lining board, hit the fixed wedge of the side wall with a hammer, tighten the fixed bolt of the wedge and the lining board or change the fixed bolt of the toothed plate of the movable jaw crusher. raymond mill:
cone crusher:

(2) There is crash on the thrust bearing.

The causing reasons: the spring tension is not sufficient or the spring is damaged, the toggle plate bearing slide block has series abrasion or is loose, and the head of the toggle plate is seriously abraded.

The elimination methods: stop the crusher, adjust the tension of the spring or change new spring, change the bearing slide and change new toggle plate.

(3) There is crash on the head of the connecting rod.

The causing reasons: the bushing of the eccentric shaft is abraded.

The elimination methods: scrap the bearing or change new bushing.

(4) The granularity of the products crushed increased.

The causing reasons: the bottom part of the tooth plate of the crusher is obviously abraded.

The elimination methods: turn the crushing toothed plate by 180°, or adjust the rock discharging mouth and decrease the width and size.

(5) There is crash on the bottom of the crushing machine.

The causing reason: the elasticity of the draw bar buffer spring disappears and or the spring is damaged.

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