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Mining industry is important in China ecomony

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Mining machinery plays a very important role in economic construction, advance of science and technology, and social development. The development of mining machinery is closely related with the technological advance of human, the modern science and technology, and the whole industry level, especially with the development of mechanical engineering and mining engineering. The mining machinery manufacturing industry, especially impact crusher, is not only the foundation for the state to establish an independent industrial system, but also an important mark to measure the industrial strength of a country, which belongs to the pillar industry of national economy.

Mining Machinery is for the energy, transportation and raw material-based services industry, the main task is for the deep processing of coal, steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, building materials departments of mining and processing of raw materials, as well as railways, highways, utilities and other large projects construction to provide advanced, efficient technology and equipment. Accordance with national priorities to support energy, transportation and raw materials and other basic industrial development, industrial policy, mining machinery such basic industries as the backbone of the country should get priority for key support, should be further developed and improved for the coal, metal and nonmetal mines development provide more advanced international standards of quality, efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving equipment to meet the economic development needs for energy and raw materials. ore beneficiation:
hammer crusher:

30 years of reform. and opening up, China mining machinery industry experienced the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and manufacturing to design harmony, self-designed path of development, especially in the implementation 'of the State Council on Accelerating the equipment manufacturing industry a number of opinions' under the impetus of mine machinery manufacturing basically two major changes, one from the generic type of product development to innovation-based change; the second is the economy to benefit from the extensive transformation. Since 2000, the domestic basic industries and infrastructure, driven by large-scale development, mining machinery market demand, industrial output value and sales growth rate stabilized at 32% to 40%.

Mining equipment manufacturing sector should accelerate the technology reform. pace of mechanical equipment under the guidance of national policy, optimize product structure according to market demand, and increase savings in order to have a more long-term development. 

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