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Ball mill and crusher has the same functions

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According to the modes of action of crushing force, crusher can be roughly divided into two categories: (1) crusher; (2) grinding machine. So what is the difference between them?

Crusher general handle big chunks of materials, product fineness is a little coarse, usually thicker than 8 mm. Generally speaking the materials grinding machine handled is fine, granularity of product is fine grained, can reach 0.074 mm, or even smaller.

About tectonic characteristics, crusher parts has a certain gap, they don't touch each other. Crusher also can be divided into coarse crusher, middle crusher and fine crusher.

The structure characteristic of grinding machine is that crushing parts (or medium) touch each other, the media are steel balls, steel rods, gravel or ore blocks, etc. But some machinery both have crushed and grinding function concurrently, for example autogenously grinding machine. For ∮5.5×1.8m autogenously grinding machine, the ore size limit for processing can reach 350 to 400 mm, product fineness can reach - about 40% 200 meshes.

Ore crusher is widely used in metallurgy, mining, building material, railway, highway, water conservancy and chemical industries etc. multitudinous departments. Now the common ore crushers are Jaw crusher, cone crusher, gyratory crusher,impact crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher, combined crusher etc.

Crusher of the original chunk of material crushing equipment widely used in metal ore beneficiation of ore broken in the production of intermediate gravel production line of stone. Than essential equipment in the mill metal beneficiation, further powder material is crusher equipment, normal circumstances, the mill should be material grinding to 150 mesh in order to better carry out the dressing, which is the crusher to do less than Jaw crusher:
Jaw crusher:

Ball mill is the key equipment for repeat crush after the material being broken. Ball mill is widely used in silicate products, cement, refractory material, chemical fertilizer, new building materials; black and non-ferrous metal processing, glass-ceramics industry. It can grind all kinds of ores and other materials by wet or dry grinding. According to the material and discharging way, you can choose wet grate ball mill and dry ball mill.

All kinds of crusher have different specifications, different use range. At present, in beneficiation, coarse crushing adopts Jaw crusher or Gyratory cone crusher, medium crushing adopts standard cone crusher, fine crushing adopts short head type cone crusher. The coarse grinding uses the rod mill, fine grinding adopts ball mill.

To sum up, crusher and grinding machine all belong to crushing equipment. Crusher and ball mill is an integral part of beneficiation equipments, crusher is mainly used to do the work at earlier stage, the ball mill is used to do the coarse grinding and fine grinding at later stage.

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