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Introduction and operation tips of roller crusher

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Roller crusher, appeared in 1806, is the most ancient crusher, which is invented by an English man Thomas. Its roots can go back to the ancient treadmill, which is the prototype of roll crusher. The working principle of treadmill is also the working principle of roll crusher. The treadmill continues to improve in actual production process, evolving to several types, such as the plain-roll crusher, which is used in the metal mine industry; the rod-toothed crusher, which is used in the coal industry and so on. However, the development of traditional roll crusher is limited, making slow progress.

Due to the obvious advantages, such as simple structure, reliable work, few phenomenon of over crushing, high product’s quality and superfine crushing, the roll crusher is widely used for crushing of the low hardness brittle material, such as cement, silicate and so on. In metal mine industry, it is rare to use, because the cone crusher can replace the roll crusher. However, in small-scale mines, or in the dressing mill who processing the valuable ore, demanding that the products has little regulation, such as tungsten ore, the roll crusher is still used.

Working Principle of Roller Crusher

The expected size of the adjustment: two rolls or pads between the adjustment device with wedge, wedge adjustment bolt with the top of the device, when the adjustment bolt to pull up the wedge, the wedge top of the active roll away from the fixed wheel, two roller gap is larger, the larger particle size, when the wedge down, the active roll in the two rounds of compression under the action of the spring gap smaller, the smaller particle size. Spacer device is a change in the quantity or thickness of the gasket to adjust the size of the particle size, increase the gasket when the two rollers when the gap becomes larger, when at least two roller pads to reduce the gap becomes smaller, the smaller particle size . As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cement production line, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. rotary kiln:
dryer machine:

The drive current of each roller is set with a limit, when encountering extreme hard or large materials, the roller will reverse automatically when the current overloads to protect the roller shell from getting damaged. The reverse operation is as follows:

1. Under normal conditions, the roller stops with its paired roller on the outside, performing the following actions in the middle of them.

2. The action roller stops for t1 then reverses for t2 to get stopped.

3. For another t1, this pair of rollers re-starts and rotates in normal working status.

4. It will send out an alarming signal when the times of the reverse operation surpass n in t3.

The above procedures are controlled automatically via the program. When it alarms, the maintenance staff should find the problems through the manhole and the observation hole. Then the roll crusher can be re-started after the troubleshooting is completed.

If the working status is abnormal, the roll crusher must be stopped when there’s no one pair rotates with each other but crushes the clinkers.

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