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We should improve work condition of crushing machine

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The work condition of crushing-screening equipment is poor. As one of the most important parts of the screening equipment, the vibrating screen surface is the foundation of screening equipment, which suffers the impact from the ore unloading, the ore load and the vibration (including the revibration). It is not only screening equipment, but also conveying equipment, which conveys the materials on the screen. During the operation, the vibrating screen surface suffers the rolling friction (caused by the impact and the elastic force), sliding friction and the impact. The abrasion and ablation have great influence on the working life of screen surface. The aperture ratio of perforated screen plate and the size accuracy of screen hole also affect the efficiency of screening. At present, the screen plate and screen netting, which are used in the crusher vibrating screen, can be broadly divided into the following types:

1. The screen plate with steel plate punching

2. The bars (or welding rods) screen netting

3. The wire preparation screen netting

4. The wear-resisting rubber screen plate

5. The polyurethane elastomer screen plate

Usually, the steel screen plate is made of the low carbon steel plate, and the bars screen netting is made of the bars. Then they are welded in the screen box. This kind of screen surface has low abrasion resisting properties. In order to improve the work life of screen surface, the thickness of the steel plate and the diameter of the bars are often increased. However, this method will decrease the aperture ratio of the screen surface and make the screen hole be blocked easily, which reduces the efficiency of screening. In addition, the heavy screen surface will make the installation and unloading uneasy and influence the quality of the machine. For the welding rods screen surface, due to the overheated welding parts and the existence of internal stress, the screen surface often fractures along the welding point. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as sand making machine, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. rotary kiln:
ore beneficiation:

Therefore, it is better for the thickness of the screen plate being less than 12.5mm. The screening efficiency of rectangular mesh screen is higher than the screening efficiency of round-hole screen. What’s more, it is better to use star arrangement for the round-hole screen.

The crushers produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery not only improve the production capacity and the crushing efficiency, but also expand the range of applications. From the production of stones to the crushing of variety of ore, the crusher variety of operations of medium crushing, fine crushing and superfine crushing with high efficiency. The crusher produced by Hongxing Mining Machinery is the latest generation of today’s mining construction industry.

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