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Rotary Speed of Ball Mill iInfluence on Grinding Work

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The rotary speed of ball mill directly determines the state of motion of the cylinder body of the grinding media and grinding operations effects. The lifting height of the balls in the ball mill is small when the speed is low. Because the gravity of the balls themselves, balls fall from the top as spilling off the state. So the impact of balls is small, the grinding effect is well. Stones are abrasive grinding, but the grinding effects are not very well; when rotary speed is increased, the balls will be promoted to a high level. Out of the cylinder, the ball goes up to a certain height along the whereabouts of the parabolic trajectory.

In the fall-down place, the impact of balls is strong. Stones are grinded by impacting, so the grinding effect is good. When the rotary speed exceeds a certain limit (high speed), without the whereabouts of the ball with the cylinder rotation, balls are in a centrifugal operation state. Now there is no impact on balls, grinding effects is very small role, so that the grinding stops. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as flotation cells, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. dryer machine:
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Ore and water is continuously fed from feeding port, going through the hollow shaft into the cylinder. When the cylinder works according to the prescribed number of revolutions, the grinding media (steel balls, steel bars or gravel) and ore in the role of the centrifugal force and friction, go along the cylinder wall and rise to a certain height, and then are thrown out off the cylinder wall , then fall and slide down, so that the ore stripping the role of impact and friction constantly being grated, ground ore and water to form. slurry, continuously added pressure to promote the formation of ore and water continuously from the exhaust through the hollow journal mine discharge side, the completion of the grinding operation.

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