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Structure and Advantages of Stone Production Line

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Stone production line is widely used in mining and its performance has reached international standard. It is most effective, practical and reliable grinding machine, which is one of sand machine widely used in construction sand in sand making machine, mainly for processing feldspar, quartz , ore and other raw materials. Grinding is also applied in producing hard brittle abrasive materials of refractories, cement, steel grit , slag powder , copper ore , iron ore , gold ore , concrete aggregate , asphalt aggregate and other material. This production line is highly efficient and energy-saving sand making equipment, which can save 50% energy compared with traditional sand making machine. The equipment is most advanced sand making machine in the world.

Working principle of stone production line: Rod sand cylinder rotates in special speed. The grinding media is thrown to a certain height by the friction and centrifugal force and makes materials grinding in order to reach the goal of making sand.

Structure of stone production line: Stone production line is consisted of feeder part, discharging part, returning part, transmission part( reducer, small driving gear, motors and electrical controlling) and other main parts.

Advantages of stone production line

1. To save power - relatively old type of device to save power more than 40%.

2. More uniform. the particle size, the use of advanced controllable out of the material rod mill technology, combined with the abrasive material of the actual user that is equipped with a suitable grinding media, a change in the surface contact of the traditional ball mill in line contact , so that Sand higher yields can be used for different hardness (hardness of 5.5 to 12 Mohs ) of ore. impact crusher:
rotary kiln:

3. Material fine adjustable - by a simple adjustment to change the granularity of the material , built - in fineness control device , the material can be added to the screening device , two checks to ensure that neither generated through grinding without substandard products into the finished product.

4. Rod mill has dry and wet two forms to choose, the user can be selected according to their actual situation. On the processing of quartz sand , dolomite , monazite and other products , the mill can be equipped with a magnetic separator in addition to iron . In addition to the equipment at the mechanisms of sand production line equipment VSI new sand making machine , PCL Sand , Impact Sand and composite sand making machine such as sand making machine , the device can be purchased from Henan Hongxing machine , in order to maintain the quality of sand production line .

Installation of stone production line

1. Stone production line installed on concrete or steel structure on the basis of the foundation should be able to withstand four times the machine weight.

2. With broken airport different - installed in the plant operation or installed in the open-air operations. Should be installed crusher leveling so that the spindle and horizontal vertical.

3. The lifting equipment must install on the top of Rod sand making machine, whose capacity must be according to the heaviest weight of crusher and left lifting space on the top of the machine. We must leave space in the side of rod mill in order to maintain.

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