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Crusher Application in Rough Flotation Process

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Magnetized by an external magnetic field, the magnetite withdrawal of the loss of an external magnetic field, their magnetic properties is not entirely disappear, but to save a local magnetism. This is because the magnetic domains cannot be restored recovery. The magnetic properties of magnetite relates to particle shape and particle size. In terms of shape, the long strip has stronger magnetism than the spherical magnetic; in terms of granularity, coarse particles have stronger magnetism than fine particles.

The features of strong magnetic minerals have influence on the magnetic separation process for following aspects:

1. Because magnetite and other magnetic minerals have strong magnetism, fine crusher can adopt them by lower magnetic field.

2. The particles of magnetite will save magnetism as soon as magnetization. When particles are fine, particle will attract each other into a magnetic corporation or flux. Magnetic group is easy to disperse; it will lower the grade of the magnetic product. If the existence of magnetic ore grade homework group, the classification efficiency is reduced. This is the unlucky influence of the magnetic gathering. In this situation, demagnetizer can be used to eliminate residual magnetism destroyed magnetic gatherings.

3. Magnetic micro-particles of magnetite particles is weak, suffered resistance is still in the water activities, thus accepting to take over demand for larger magnetic, while the water washed away easily to form. a metal drain away. Be seen that the grinding process to try to cut through the mill. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as dryer machine, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. rotary kiln:
cone crusher:

4. If the grinding process of the monomer dissociation is insufficient, will show that the magnetite and the gangue with students particles. Gangue multi-course, non-magnetic minerals, but it was strong because the magnetite magnetic foot, its gangue to the magnetic products, which reduces the grade of the magnetic products. Take which is in part with the living body from the magnetic product level separation, requires the use of a fine sieve and grinding, flotation, the re-election or other election any other way.

Most of the weakly magnetic minerals are paramagnetic, with magnetic domain structure, their magnetic properties is much weaker than the strong magnetic elements of the shape and size of mineral particles, by its only constitute a resolution and construction of weakly magnetic minerals is magnetized, no residual magnetism after the revocation of an external magnetic field.

However, if weakly magnetic minerals contains a strongly magnetic mineral, even a small number of strong magnetic minerals also the magnetic properties of weakly magnetic minerals significant impact.

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