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Hongxing crushers spread widely in China

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As is known to all, it is a trend to develop vigorously the energy conservation for building industry. Almost two-thirds of energy utilization is related to construction. As a kind of acknowledged pro-environment building materials, gypsum building materials are paid more attention. It not only saves the energy and materials, no environmental pollution, but also has excellent cost performance. It is a kind of comprehensive green building materials, and fits the policy of recycling economy and sustainable development. For that, it should be used widely.

Crusher industry’s major markets include the chemical, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal, glass and so on. Among of them, cement industry and mining industry account jaw crusher application market for about 30% respectively.

There are many China jaw crusher manufacturers. And the types are various fromtraditional machines such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, Roll crusher, etc, to the improvement machine for example, cone crusher. The mining machine is always in constantly improving and updating. However, the widest application is jaw crusher. Whether sand making line or stone crushing quarry, without exception, they all use jaw crusher. It is the necessary equipment for aggregate production line. At present, jaw crusher has developed and some new models are able to do coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing.

Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd is a well-known crusher manufacturer in China. The company has been devoted to the production of highly efficient large-scale crushing equipment. Their research achievements of jaw crusher mainly include a new dual-surface deep cavity jaw crusher, ultrafine jaw crusher, large jaw crusher and other new equipment. The crushers are suitable for coarse, medium and fine crushing of many kinds of ores and rocks, such as limestone, shale, basalt, river gravel, bluestone, etc. The new type jaw crusher has lots of advantages. For instance, they are simple in structure, sturdy, reliable operation, convenient to repair and maintenance. And the production and construction costs are relatively low. Therefore, it is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, water conservancy, transportation and other industries. rotary kiln:
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Whether it is sand and gravel line with high production capacity of thousands of tons per hour or stone crushing at quarry, all of that can adopt the new model of jaw crusher developed by Hongxing. Especially cement industry, limestone is the main raw material for making cement, and it is in great demand in cement plant. Hongxing jaw crusher is not only rich in function, but also high crushing efficiency. And the wear parts, such as broken hammerhead, mill liners, and wear plates hammer crusher rotor, can stand the test of the market in the cement industry and gravel industry. Today, the new type crusher has become the best choice for limestone crushing in cement plant.

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