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Raymond mill development in 2012 and 2011

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With the development of the last ten years, accumulated a lot of Raymond mill, Raymond mill had a lot of practical experience and comprehensive understanding of the quality. Raymond machine large heavy industry such as machinery and equipment in the country's development also plays an important pillar of experience, Raymond efficiency and productivity vary, choosing a good Raymond equipment is quite difficult , in particular, is to choose a high efficiency, low-cost equipment is very important.

Forced by the economic form. of the past two years, including some foreign Raymond equipment to enter, to some extent, the impact of the development of domestic Raymond, on the domestic market must promote around. Development and pricing for the 2012 Raymond market to conduct a comprehensive meeting in the Central Plains region of several important mining equipment companies, the development plan for the future.

In this the end of 2011, Raymond discussion concluded in the Central Plains perfect, mining equipment can be said to account for about 70% of the national market, with the pillars. A few days before the meeting of: Raymond's market is still very broad, and as technology advances the more industry resources to the integrated use of minerals, on the other hand is the market With economic development, the demand continue to increase, more of raw materials in short supply. To allow more customers to resource development. The last point is the national policy of strong support; the government must support the broad domestic mining resources. For the entire national economic development has played a certain left and right. This information is sufficient to show that Raymond's market is still very full, there is still much room for development. Be applied to all walks of life. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cement mill, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. Raymond mill:
ore beneficiation:

The price is also an important direction of development, with the increased costs of more industry, Raymond mill machinery industry is no exception, the cost of expensive, forcing the equipment package of price fluctuations, and Raymond Price will be different degrees according to the present situation, rise, the rate of increase of some equipment in here to give everyone a reminder, be ready in time.

The machine adopts the advanced structures of similar products from home and abroad, and gets improved on the basis of Raymond mills in the same industry. It is more efficient than ball mill, which also has the advantages of low power consumption, small floor space and one-time investment. The grinding roll presses the ring under the function of RCC tightly, so even if they were grinded to a certain extent, it wouldn’t influence the amount and fineness of finished products. The roll and the ring both have a long replacement cycle, thus the drawback of centrifugal mill is eliminated. The winnower air operates round winnower machine-mill shell-- cyclone separator. So compared with high-speed centrifugal crusher, Raymond mill has less dust and workshops are much cleaner.

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