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Unique Features of Vertical Shaft Impact (VSI)

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Vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher is typically composed of electric motor, transmission device, main shaft, impeller, hopper, distributor, crushing chamber, chassis, and lubricating device, etc.

1. Transmission Device (electric motor inclusive) adopts the belt transmission structure which is driven by dual-motor or single electric motor. The two electric motors of dual-motor drive are respectively installed at the two sides of the main shaft. The belt pulley of the two electric motors is connected with the belt pulley of the main shaft through the driving belt. Thus, both sides of the main shaft will receive balanced stress without generating additional moment. However, in terms of the single electric motor, additional moment will be caused by unilateral force. Generally speaking, when the motor power reaches above 55KW, the dual-motor drive is recommended.

2. Main Shaft: It is installed on the chassis for the purpose of transferring the driving force carried by the V-belt and meanwhile supporting the rotational motion of the impeller. Basically speaking, the main shaft mainly consists of bearing support, spindle, and bearings.

3. Impeller: Its structure is a hollow cylinder, and it is installed at the upper shaft head of the main shaft. The crushing equipment usually transfers the torque through connecting the taper bush with the key. The impeller is the key component of the PL vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher. Mineral raw materials enter the centre of the impeller from the feed tube of the distributor. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as combination crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. dryer machine:
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4. Hopper: The hopper is an inverted pyramid structure. Wear rings are installed at the feed port. Raw materials enter the crusher through the hopper.

5. Distributor: It is usually installed on the upper part of the crushing chamber. The main function of the distributor is to distribute the incoming materials. Part of the materials will directly enter the impeller from the central feed tube, and then thrown out when reaching a relatively high speed. The rest of the materials will be sent to the lateral side of the central feed tube without increasing the kinetic energy consumption. What's more, the production capacity can be raised and meanwhile the crushing effect can be evidently improved.

6. Crushing Chamber: The crushing chamber structure is an annular space consisting of the upper cylinder and the lower cylinder.

Chassis: Generally speaking, the main shaft, electric motor and the transmission device are all installed on the chassis.

Support: According to different construction sites- outdoor operation or indoor operation, whether the support should be used is in compliance with the customers' needs.

7. Lubricating Device: Supremely grease lubrication is adopted. The lubricated parts include the upper bearing and the lower bearing of the main shaft.

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