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Hongxing emphasize the technique of sand maker

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Coal mining is not a job that you dream about or get a degree for. People who are coal miners do not chose a life full of danger and repression, they get stuck with it. There are many dangers that come along with coal mining with the use of sand maker, not only for the workers, but for the environment. Coal mining and the coal industry have caused irreversible damage to our environment and has killed innocent miners.

The accidents involving machinery kill and/or hurt more coal miners in a year than any other mining accident. The sand maker machine in mines is located in cramped spaces with little light, causing miners to have two times the chance of accidents. The accidents involving roof and rib failures can usually be averted if a mining company has a roof support plan. For a roof support plan to be made, information like entry widths, mine geometry, the number of pillars that must be left up right, and the number of bolts that must be used are needed (Cobb 3 of 5) Accumulations of gases in underground coal mines is another very serious hazard. If certain gases like methane and carbon monoxide are at or above 5% in the air they can cause violent explosions. Blasting in coal mines are the main cause for such dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. These accumulations of gases can be avoided if the mine is properly ventilated by a powerful fan to circulate fresh air. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as stone production line, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. ball mill:
jaw crusher:


Leaks of poisonous gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, within a coal mine can be very dangerous. Hydrogen sulfide can be found in many different environments and is most often formed as a result of the bacterial breakdown of organic matter that contains sulfur. Exposure to low levels of this contaminant can lead to headaches, skin complications and respiratory irritation and damage. Exposure to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide can be very toxic and, if inhaled, even fatal.


Explosions are also among the top dangers in coal mining, often leading to accidents and even fatalities. Many of the explosions that occur in coal mines are caused by accumulations of a variety of gases mixed with air and some source of ignition. Explosions are capable of blocking methods of escape, igniting fires and killing working miners.


Flooding can also pose an incredible amount of danger to coal mines and those working in them. Flooding within a coal mine can be caused when workers unknowingly break through a walled barrier that is holding underground water. Heavy rainfall and exceeding levels of nearby bodies of water can also lead to extensive and dangerous flooding in coal mines.

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