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Introduction of industrial products to exhibit in 2012

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Exhibition profiles:

Exhibition name: 2012 exhibition of China industrial products (in Venezuela)

Exhibition time: on June 28-July 1, 2012 (4 days)

Preparation time: on June 26-June 27, 2012 (2 days)

Closing time: July 1, 2012 (after 16:00)

Venue: Military Club Exhibition in Caracas

Nature: trade classes

Exhibition scale: 3000 square meters

Exhibits: machinery and equipment, jaw crusher, raymond mill, agricultural machinery, motor vehicles and parts, electronic appliances, building materials, sanitary ware, light industrial products, etc.

Background: Venezuela is one of the more developed countries in Latin America and the Caribbean area, is world-renowned for the rich oil resources, and is also one of the world's largest oil producer and exporter. Although the financial crisis has some effect on its economy, it achieved a relatively rapid recovery growth from the fourth quarter of 2010. In the first quarter of 2011, Venezuela’s GDP grew by 4.5% year-on-year. According to the World Bank forecast, its economy will grow by 2.5% in 2011. In recent years China- Venezuela relations are developing smoothly, with rapid increase of bilateral trade. According to Chinese customs statistics, in 2010, the total Sino-Venezuelan bilateral trade was $ 10.263 billion, an increase of 42.7%, China continues to be Venezuela's second largest trading partner. In order to assist the Chinese enterprises to further develop the Venezuelan and Latin American markets, the Commerce Department will continue to hold “China Industrial Products Exhibition (Fifth)” in Caracas city on June28-July 1, 2012. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as ore processing plant, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. ball mill:
ore beneficiation:

Commercial exhibitions, generally called trade fairs, trade shows or expos, are usually organized so that organizations in a specific interest or industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent trends and opportunities. Some trade fairs are open to the public, while others can only be attended by company representatives (members of the trade) and members of the press.

Throughout the ages, trade fairs have been recognized as one of the most efficient and powerful tools for effectively doing business. As a face-to-face meeting point, fairs and exhibitions are basically a target opportunity for achieving your trade objectives. They are a cost-effective means to reach your market audience - in one time and in one place. Among the key advantages of trade show participation is:

Customer contact: Trade shows provide excellent venues for initiating contacts with new customers and developing new trade leads. Equally important they enable you to maintain and renew contacts with valued clients.

Product and Service Launch Platforms: Live presentations and Demonstrations of your products and services speak for themselves, accelerating the selling process and generating new sales.

Marketing Communications: Trade fairs focus media attention on your Company and products. Public relations efforts can be focused to raise the profile of your company image and brands.

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