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Different length make ball mill more suitable

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Why is the length of the ball mill not the same? This is due to the different ball mill shell temperature rise caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Thus, in the ball mill design, installation and maintenance must take into account the ball mill thermal expansion and contraction of the barrel of this character.

Improve ball mill output

General Ball mill near the discharge end of gear in order to ensure the proper meshing gears, in the ball mill discharge end is not allowed in any axial movement, and so are the ball mill feed side has to adapt to changing line axial thermal structure.

Variable ball mill ball axial line hot ball mill structure, there are two ways to ball mill consider: one is to use hollow shaft shoulder and bearing journal between the ball mill reserved space to consider. The other is between the ball mill bearing and the bottom level of installation of the ball mill number of root Gang Gun, when the ball mill ball thermal expansion and contraction, the ball mill base of the feed-side bearings can be moved along the stick. Ball mill ball of each position should be to create a ball mill door. ball mill role is framed for the door linings, diaphragm plate, filling or pouring body and stop ball mill grinding checking warehouses and so on. Ball mill main bearings most commonly used are the sliding bearings, its diameter is large, but the length is very short. Bearing with Pakistan gold casting, Ball mill sliding bearings with the general difference is that only the ball mill lower half of a bush. In addition to bearing the ball mill entire bearing with babbitt casting, the rest are made with steel. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cone crushers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. dryer machine:
Ball mill:

Vertical shaft impact crusher application

As the ball mill ball of the span and load large, will take place around the song a certain extent, but also ball mill manufacturing and installation errors are also ball mill difficult to ensure accurate coaxial degree, therefore, auto-aligning bearings made of ball mill type, spherical and spherical-watt watt block between the ball mill center of a sphere as the center of rotation to be able to move ball mill slightly relative to the role and uniform. load distribution on the bush.

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