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Factors decide the role of magnetic separator

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Factors affecting the magnetic separation process

Magnetic effect of many factors, impact crusher in India the magnetic separator is the following:

1) Magnetic separator cylinder rotation;

2) Magnetic system angle;

3) Work space (ie, jaw crusher in India Park tube and the bottom of the gap);

4) Pai concentrates at the gap.

The size of the number of revolutions of the magnetic separator effect

Generally speaking, cone crusher in India the small diameter of the magnetic separator using high number of revolutions, e.g. Φ600 mm diameter with 40 rev / min, the diameter of the low number of revolutions, such as Φ750 mm diameter 35 turn / sub.

The size of the separator speed processing power. Have a certain impact on the quality of concentrate. Rpm high magnetic separators in operation, due to faster magnetic smaller with the living body and gangue up opportunities, and only those magnetic high mineral particles may sorting up, and thus the quality of concentrate higher. Contrary rotation is relatively slow; due to the magnetic induction effect of the magnetic weaker mineral particles also have the opportunity of sorting up, resulting in the quality of concentrate affected. Therefore must be based on the ore characteristics, specifications, select a suitable magnetic separator rpm. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as jaw breakers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. ore beneficiation:
vibrating screen:

The magnetic declination size of the magnetic effect

Production by the State, magnetic separator, magnetic declination by the shaft of the transmission side of the head is equipped with indicating device, move the adjusting nut can be adjusted to the size of the declination of the magnetic system.

Magnetic declination angle is too small is not good, too small affect the quality of concentrate, so that the magnetic properties of small particles have the opportunity to sorting up, but the tailings grade will reduce the recovery rate is good; the angle is too large, have the opportunity to choose up to improve the quality of concentrate is good, because only the magnetic particles, magnetic there is no chance to come up into the tailings, the tailings grade increased, lower recoveries.

Therefore, the magnetic declination size is the number of appropriate must be based on operational requirements to adjust the general production field magnetic declination adjustment around 15 ° -20 °. Adjusted the angle of the magnetic system in production, if the operating conditions and requirements did yo change, Do not just move.

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