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Pay attention to quality control in mining

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Quality control is a process that is used to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service. It might include whatever actions a business deems necessary to provide for the control and verification of certain characteristics of a product or service. Most often, it involves thoroughly examining and testing the quality of products or the results of services. The basic goal of this process is to ensure that the products or services that are provided meet specific requirements and characteristics, such as being dependable, satisfactory, safe and fiscally sound.

Ensuring ore quality is maintained is a key concern for mining operations; one which companies are prepared to place serious investment in. BHP Billiton recently embarked on a $554 million (£338 million) project to shift its crushing and conveying facilities at its Escondida copper mine, with the aim of accessing high-grade ore - as the quality at its existing site deteriorates - and increasing production levels from 2013. Although the mine remains one of the most productive for the company, the quality of ore has fallen 30 percent in the past 10 years – and a decline of this magnitude means only one thing; lower production rates and lower profits.

Safety and productivity in mines can be improved by implementing a quality assurance program in ground control management. The program is achieved by developing and implementing a company ground control policies and management system. The system is effective when authority and responsibilities are clearly specified and delegated to a competent person(s). The system should be documented in a Ground Control Management Plan or a similar document. The Plan must specify agreed actions and a method of approval and verification of ground control activities. All ground control activities such as data collection, drilling, blasting, maintenance of excavations and monitoring should be described in the work procedures. Geotechnical inspection and monitoring should allow for preventative and corrective action to be taken before a rock mass becomes unstable. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as ball mill, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. rotary kiln:
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Usually, it is not the job of the quality control team or professional to correct quality issues. Typically, other individuals are involved in the process of discovering the cause of quality issues and fixing them. After the problems are overcome and the proper quality has been achieved, the product or service continues production or implementation as usual.

Many types of businesses perform. these types of quality checks. Manufacturers of food products, for example, often have employees who test the finished products for taste and other qualities. Clothing manufacturers have workers inspect garments to ensure that they are properly sewn. Service-oriented companies often have representatives who observe the services being performed or who do follow-up checks to ensure that everything was done properly.

Quality control also might involve evaluating people. If a company has employees who don't have adequate skills or training, have trouble understanding directions or are misinformed, the quality of the company's products or services might be diminished. This is especially important for service-oriented companies, because the employees are the product that they provide to customers.

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