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Energy-saving ball mill develop two grinding process

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Energy-saving ball mill is one kind of needful equipments in cement industry, ceramic industry and mining industry. Hongxing produce energy-saving ball mill, dry magnetic separator, efficient fine crusher, compound crusher, cans, shredders, and other equipment Mineral processing equipment. Experts study the energy-saving ball mill, energy-saving ball mill two grinding process that is open to flow and loop flow.

Under the same conditions, the ring aborts than to open stream about 20-35%. Circle flow products, the particle size distribution is more evenly adjust the cement grade is also more convenient; open stream mill grinding materials that is finished, the particle composition of the product distribution is more dispersed, there is over-grinding phenomenon, affecting the quality and quantity of cement. Open flow of grinding cement particle size distribution uniformity coefficient is generally 0.8-0.9, and some even lower, only 0.7, its particle size distribution is very wide, 3d strength of the cement may be higher, but later the strength and hydration rates are low, change uniformity coefficient, and the quality of cement is also more difficult. The water demands the powder greatly increased will soon hydration; more than 65μm particles will not hydration, on the strength of the concrete does not work. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cone crushers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. rotary kiln:
ore beneficiation:

The working principle of energy-saving ball mill, ball mill during the work, the ore first by the crusher, initial broken, broken to a reasonable degree of fineness into the first compartment of the energy-saving ball mill, the warehouse ladder liner or corrugated liner. There are different specifications of steel balls, the ball under the centrifugal force was brought to a certain height and then fall, so that the material within the warehouse cooking line pounding and grinding, and then completed the first step coarse grinding. And then into the second position, lined with flat lining in the warehouse, and there was a lot of ball, the material here will be further grinding, this step is termed class finely ground. After these two steps to complete the grinding operation.

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