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To Keep the Roads Secure When crushing

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Accidents with vehicles are some of the most common accidents, often severe and often fatal. People are run over or crushed against other objects by moving trucks.

Often, the drivers have not received sufficient training or the company does not provide simple equipment such as mirrors.

Trucks are regularly transporting and dumping the boulders brought from the quarrying mines to the collection pit. Because of the dust in stone crushing units, the visibility is often poor and, because of the noise, shouting and warnings are often impossible to hear. Owners need to make special provisions to keep truck operations safe for the driver but mostly for the other workers.


Hot spots for traffic accidents are: the approach road from the entrance to the top of the boulders unloading pit are, and the boulders loading point at top of primary crusher itself.

Reasons for accidents

1)Poor visibility for the drivers because of dust 23

2)The conditions of trucks and roads are very poor, mirrors are often missing or not used

3)Vehicles are moving freely near the work area without clear traffic lanes and parking areas inside the unit

Tips for protecting accidents

1.Maintain the vehicles regularly and repair broken and missing mirrors

2.Provide street lighting along the approach road As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as vibrating screen, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

3.Mark the roads inside the plant! This can be easily done by dipping the small boulders in white lime and placing them along the curb of the road to provide better visibility and guidance

4.Restrict unauthorized entry of vehicles and undue parking inside the plant and restrict parking of the vehicles along the road and on the slopes

5.Drivers should not move the vehicle when persons are standing on the top of the truck

6.Provide warning signals and also speed limit indication for vehicles moving inside the crushing unit premises

7.Wherever truck operations are carried out, particularly in uneven surfaces and slopes, wheel chokers should be provided

8.Try to use gravel instead of dust for preparing roads to control dust emissions caused by vehicle movements

9.The vehicles entering the crusher unit must have the proper validation of the vehicles and certificates of road worthiness

10. The driver should have the valid licenses of heavy vehicle driving. They should also receive

11. proper training in driving including some safety training for safe driving on public roads.

12. All vehicles should be fitted with fog lights to drive in the dusty atmosphere at night

13. Equip all vehicles with loud sound signals when backing up

14. The roads shall have the allowable slope for easy ascending and descending of the vehicle

impact crusher:

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