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Avoiding falldown from heights in stone crushing

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Accidents are always bad for the victim and for business. Some of the most common causes of accidents in a stone crushing unit are:

2 Hands and fingers or toes being crushed by stones

2 Body parts such as hands or arms being caught in machines

2 Traffic accidents inside the unit

2 Falling and slipping from heights

Common unsafe conditions or acts

− Too many workers are too close when dangerous work is done

− Workers need to work on the high wall of the bolder pit with no fall protection

− Workers need to access the top of the platform. by climbing through supporting poles or up the stone piles

− There is no set and separated path for vehicular and persons’ movement

− There is no guard around the bolder pits

− Work is performed on work platforms which are not guarded and have no railings

− Maintenance work at heights (i.e. portable conveyors) is performed without securing the working persons

Hazards and health risks

− Fall from heights or into pits with severe injuries such as fractures, head injury, or even death

Solutions to protect health

1.Attach a bund wall or raised steel girder to entire length of pit to prevent falls; curb wall can be constructed from available boulders at site As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as rotary kiln, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.ball mills:

2.Movement on the top of the retaining wall should be avoided

3.No person should be allowed to walk on the parapet of the loading pit

4.Provide indicating alarms to sound when rocks are being loaded into the crusher

5.Provide stable ladders that are in good condition

6.Safety belts and harnesses should be provided for all those who work at heights

7.Stop using the conveyor belt to climb to the top and do not use broken or make-shift ladders

8.Provide steps and ladders where unconsolidated material slopes are currently used for climbing up and down. Steps can be carved to prevent the trip and fall hazard due to slippery and loose soil

9.Provide ladders that are in good condition (preferably wooden) in places where there are electrical overhead lines running across and metal ladders in other places

10. The ladders should be long enough to reach the top and also have an extra length of 75-90

11. cm for holding after reaching the top

12. Provide ladders at 70-75 degree slopes

13. Ladders should not be used as a platform. to work

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