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We should Protect Worker’s Hearing from Noise

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Exposure to loud noise can ruin a person’s hearing and cause much physical and psychological stress. Without the ability to hear, it is nearly impossible to perform. a job task successfully and safely. Permanent hearing loss can result from continuous noise exposure. It indicates that parts of the so-called hearing cells in the inner ear have been destroyed. They will not grow back nor can they be repaired. Hearing is lost forever.

The effects of noise on a person are not curable, but noise exposure can be controlled through many different technologies. In general, using work processes that are quieter, enclosing noisy equipment, and using sound-absorbing materials at impact sites is recommended to reduce the amount of noise being produced.

Noise is mostly produced by either impact or vibration. This happens at the following locations in a stone crushing unit:

− The crushers themselves (Primary and Secondary) when boulders are crushed and transported along conveyors

− The boulder loading point when boulders are fed into receiving pit

− The sieves when the gravel is sorted

Noise can have the following effects on the health of workers and owners:

− Distortion of sounds (hearing something, but not understanding) As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as sand maker, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

− Temporary or permanent hearing loss

− A continual ringing in the ears for which there is no cure ('tinnitus' in medical terms)

− Quickened pulse rate, increased blood pressure and a narrowing of the blood vessels

− Abnormal secretions of hormones, muscle tensing, nervousness, sleeplessness, fatigue

We show here a noise map of a typical stone crushing unit. The areas in the centre, in red (dark grey in the black & white print) indicate areas with more than 90 decibel of noise (measure in decibel on scale A, adapted to the capacities of the human ear, abbreviated dB (A)) where hearing protection needs to be worn. It is the area around the crushers and the sieve. The next area around it, in pink (gray) has noise levels over 85 dB (A) where hearing protection should be provided. Noise levels above 85 dB (A), and definitely above 90 dB (A), are dangerous and will lead to noise-induced hearing loss after a short time. They are also a risk factor to develop high blood pressure, nervousness, and irritation, all of which can increase the risk to have heart diseases such as heart attack, or stroke.

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