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Health Safety When Using Machines and Power Tools

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Machines can hurt people. They need to be constructed correctly to be safe for the workers who handle them or even just passing by. All too often, a worker is pulled into a machine such as a conveyor belt, a grinder or a crusher.

The major machines in a crushing unit are the primary and secondary crusher, the conveyer belt, and the sorters.

Small 'machines' such as power tools can also be dangerous if they are not properly maintained and repaired if broken.

Common unsafe conditions or acts

1.No guards are installed around the crusher’s moving parts, nip points, flywheels, conveyor drives, etc. to prevent clothing being pulled into the machine

2.No emergency switch for the conveyor belt or the crushers is installed to stop them if a worker is pulled into them

3.Workers are wearing loose clothing which can easily be caught and pulled into a machine

4.Conveyors are not periodically inspected and tested

5.Workers are not properly trained in safe procedures to protect themselves from making mistakes

6.Movable conveyors are often in unstable positions

7.No personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided to workers (see also the other chapter here in this manual), especially during maintenance and cleaning work As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as hammer crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

8.Hand tools are in poor condition and not properly repaired when broken

Solutions to protect health

1. Train employees on safe work methods, avoid wearing loose clothing when working near moving machinery and conveyors

2. Working near conveyors and moving machinery should be avoided as much as possible

3. Install machine guards that are needed on and around all moving parts

4. Repair and maintain all hand and power tools

5. Only work with power tools when they are connected to a circuit, which is protected by an

6. ELCB interrupter (see chapter on 'Working Safely with Electricity')

7. Use a so-called 'Lock out – Tag out' system for safe locking of power sources, so that no one can accidentally switch on the machine while others are working on it

8. Emergency shut-down switches should be installed for all machines in the crushing unit; train workers in their use

9. Avoid unauthorized operation and entry by using a 'work permit system' for contractors, which tells them what to do and how to protect themselves and the other workers

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