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Warnings of Applying Gas Cylinders in crushing

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Gases are used in a stone crushing unit for repairs and maintenance work where welding or torch cutting is necessary. These gas cylinders are pressurized, which means that they contain enormous pressure. If the cylinder is cut open, for instance during an accident, they can explode; the gases in them can ignite and start a fire. It is clear that in such an event, workers and by-standers such as the unit owner can be seriously hurt or even killed. Especially dangerous are:

  • Cylinders of liquid propane or natural gas (LNG, LPG), even though there is little pressure in the cylinder they are highly flammable;
  • Cylinders with Oxygen or Acetylene, which are pressurized and also highly flammable

Preventing gas cylinders from exploding or gases in these cylinders from catching fire is therefore an important part of the safety of a crushing unit.

Accidents and health risks

− Explosion

− Fire

How to solve these

1.Cylinders should be stored and used upright and secured with a chain to prevent them from tipping As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as jaw crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

2.Cylinders should be stored in cool and dry place, in the shade. They should be placed in an upright position, never be left open, or exposed to sunlight

3.Put full and empty cylinders in different places and mark which ones are full and which are empty

4.Always use the protective caps on cylinders that are not-in-use. They protect the outlet from being damaged in case of a fall

5.Simple trolleys can be used for transporting cylinders in an upright position. NEVER roll or drop cylinders

6.All cylinders are equipped with pressure gauges

7.Color-coding of each cylinder is used to indicate the kind of gas in the cylinder. Please ask someone for the national color coding standards, so the marking is uniform. in the entire country when cylinders are bought, sold and refilled

8.No sparks should be created when working close to the cylinders. No smoking is allowed in the vicinity of the work.

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