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Hongxing need improve the import technology

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The technology importer completes an application for import of restricted technology and submits it to the competent Hongxing for approval. Upon receipt of the application, Hongxing will conduct a trade and a technology examination within ten working days. After approval, a letter of intent for technology import will be issued to the technology importer by Hongxing. Thereafter, the technology importer may sign the technology import contract with the foreign party and shall submit a duplicate copy of the contract and its relevant appendices, the letter of intent for technology import and the documentation concerning the legal status of both parties to Hongxing for further approval. Hongxing will examine the authenticity of the contract and grant approval within 30 working days.

At the commercial conference of china electro-mechanical division in 2008, Minister of Department of commerce, Jiang Yaoping, said that we shall actively expand the import volume of advanced technology equipments, strengthen the ability of technology introduction, absorption and innovation, speed up the pace of upgrading industrial structure. This conference was held on May, 12-13 2008, in Xian city. At the conference, Jiang Yaoping said that: together the related department, department of commerce will take various measures to expand import of advanced technical equipments. These measures include: take advantage of 5 billion of subsidized capital, import more from key countries, bridge the difference between imports and exports, urge the developed countries to relax the regulations of export, perfect the international bidding institutions and import regulations about electro-mechanical imports.

According to the latest media reports, the first batch of 40 mineral resources comprehensive utilization demonstration bases were officially launched, which will be a good opportunity to integrate and reasonable use of mining resources. In recent years, the ministry of land and resources has paid more and more attention to the mining, the available resource continuously decline, the enterprises brought about more requirements for dressing in order to improve the grade of ore mining. At the same time the awareness of green mining and green mines constantly was growing, which called higher request on ore beatification quality and efficiency. Hongxing ore dressing equipments with many years of practical experience, has been successfully used in the mining and post-processing for a number of mines.

Impact Crusher, namely impact breaker or impact crushing machine, is optimized after adopting advanced techniques, and the capability of mobile impact crusher got advanced.

As the development of reforming and opening, our beneficiation technology has undergone enormous changes, which has gone beyond the international level in the technology and quality. Commonly used ore beneficiation equipments include: crusher, screening & classification equipment, magnetic separator, flotation machine, dryer, etc. The development of ore beatification equipment and technology is synchronization, the process is dominant, the device is the foundation. Hongxing ore dressing process include magnetic separation process, flotation process, lead and zinc mineral process, etc. Each process has different operating processes depending on the raw materials.

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