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To compete in mining is important

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Generally speaking, the mining machines that we often talk about refer to crushing, sand making and powder grinding equipment. Crusher machine is the most important link in the stone and rock crushing technology and is also the most important symbol of measuring the power of the mining machinery manufacturing industry. The development of mining crushing industry determines the competitiveness of the machinery industry.

With the development of mining equipment and machines with high technology content and integration, the research and development of new type of equipment is integrated with the new accomplishments that have been made in various kinds of fields. With the advancement and progress of material science, manufacturing technology, information technology and computer technology, every round of new products are injected into new techniques, the updating cycle of spare parts is shorter and shorter and the upgrading of new equipment is faster and faster. Especially the development of large sized mining machines has no mature experience to learn from and there is not any mistakes allowed in the designing process, for this reason, the mining equipment manufacturing companies will have to lean on the integration of many kinds of technologies, improve designing efficiency and designing quality and improve the independent innovative ability of the company and market competitiveness. On the basis of computer technology and internet technology, the mining machinery forms digitalization development trend.

In recent years, our factory to meet the metallurgy, mining, construction and other industrial department broken high strength, high hardness micro carbon ferrochrome China needs, specialized research and a strong Europe version mandibles crusher. Europe version jaw crusher most suitable for broken compressive strength is not higher than 280 Mpa ore and rock, slag, etc. Europe version jaw crusher whether from the crusher of compressive capacity or crusher is used for the than jaw crusher is superior. Professional manufacturer specialized Thai auspicious machinery production of new crusher can not only highway, high speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, ports, such as concrete mixing station provides the highest quality sand aggregate, beyond dispute to be sand industry and stone mechanism in the field of plastic core equipment. And more and more as a metal crushing, quartz sand production, steel slag processing and other areas of mainstream equipment.

Complementary role

The construction of high-speed rail is the livelihood of people, so the degree of concern of the crusher straight up. During the Eleventh Five decision-making is more biased in favor of the prospect of mineral processing

Crusher to improve the overall competitiveness

Since 2011 high-iron problem, the state has increased investment in the construction of high-speed rail. Regardless of the thickness of funds, technical strength, are unparalleled in 2012. Comprehensive look at the overall situation, or to follow the law of conservation of energy. The one hand, the intensity increased, will inevitably affect another area of strong changes. The construction of high-speed rail can not be separated from the crusher and crusher industry set off a firestorm.

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