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Ore dressing line adopts green process

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Flotation ore dressing production line consist of the process of mining, crush, and flotation of the ore, during the process, they may cause seriously pollution to the environment. At present, many mines have taken positive environment protection measures, but these are far from enough, the mining environment in our country still needs to be improved.

Green processrefers to the technical system that can reduce pollution and consumption. Green technologyis dynamical system consist of related knowledge, ability and material means. This means that the knowledge and ability of environment protection, ecological reconstruction and the material means are all the essential factors of green technology, only these three factors are combined and interacted, that they can constitute the practical green technology. Environment protection and ecological knowledge are the indispensability factors of green technology. And its innovation is the application of environment protection and ecological knowledge.

The connotation of green processcan be summarized as: the non pollution technology which based on the environment value and the usage of all modern technology potential.Green technologyis not only the technology piecemeal but a technology group, which consists of energy technology, material technology, biotechnology, pollution control technology, resource recovery technology, environmental monitoring technology and the series clean production technology. According to the purpose, the green technologycan be classified as the Light green technologythat used for reduce pollution and the deep green technologyapplied in Waste disposal. The subject of green technologyinnovation is the enterprise. Because of the government regulation, market strength, and public pressure, more and more enterprises choose the green strategy, promote the green technologyinnovation and produce the green productions. Enterprises develop and use the green technologymainly because it loads the economic value, this value maybe monetization or demonetization.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as vibrating screen, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

The green processis the point that the big enterprises and mining manufactures must pay much attention. During the working process, the environment pollution of the crusher can reduce to the degree of harmless to people when use the green processand Optimize production environment.

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