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Mining cooperation is necessary for Hongxing

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Canadian International Mining Conference held recently in Toronto, the participants of the Chinese and Canadian governments and enterprises in mining areas of cooperation prospect that good, that despite the world economic recovery is slow, but with huge potential for cooperation in mining industry.

Top prospect in new cooperation prospect

China and Canada are the world big country of resource. In recent years, with the mining industry to enter rapid development period.

In Canada international mining activities as one of the '2012 plus Mining Investment Forum' on, Chinese Vice Minister of land and resources Wang Min and assistant deputy minister of the Department of Natural Resources Canada Anil, Luo La gave the keynote speech, that China and Canada in mining industry exchanges and cooperation in the field of world mining industry sustainable healthy development has played an increasingly a significant role.

Wang Min said, the current global economy is in an important period of adjustment, but in the mining cooperation prospect is good, the opportunities outweigh the challenges. In the world economy under the background of gradual recovery, China will always adhere to the open development strategy, will further expand the mineral resources in the field of foreign cooperation as the development goals, and actively with the Canadian in mining, energy and other areas of all-round cooperation.

Luo La emphasizes in the speech, in recent years, with the sustained and in-depth development of bilateral cooperation to promote bilateral cooperation in mining and continuously improve the level of. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a visit to China in 2 early agreement on strengthening bilateral uranium in trade and development cooperation agreement, as with both in the field of natural resources further cooperation has injected new vitality.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as jaw crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

The governor of Quebec Province in the international mining industry during the Congress attended the Chinese enterprises to invest in the Canadian mining industry seminar, to Chinese mining industry investors welcome, and promised to strengthen the strategic partnership with China, to attract more Chinese investors to develop the northern part of Quebec province.

Chinese enterprises seeking to expand cooperation with foreign countries

As an important global mineral investment destination, Canada has rich mineral and metal resources, have improved the mining enterprise supervision system, policy supporting framework and developed industrial group, attract many Chinese companies to invest in canada.

According to incomplete statistics, in this year the Canadian International Congress of mining industry of the Chinese government and enterprises on behalf of about 600 people, more than a year more than 300 people. More and more Chinese enterprises will have the international influence of the mining industry forum as important channels of publicity, to seek more international cooperation opportunities.

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