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Trables and improvements bu using crushers

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(1) to mine funnel transformation. 2200 cone crusher to the ore mine by the funnel portion of the income distribution plate to the crushing chamber, part of the ore directly into the crushing chamber. Due to uneven material, often resulting in overload operation of the machine, the material particle size uniform, dynamic cone, fixed cone lining wear quickly, frequently changed, seriously affected the production capacity of equipment. For the above, mine will see the funnel mouth has been transformed. Replacement of the funnel shield. After transformation, all unloading ore funnel plate in the distribution, uniformly into the crushing chamber to address the uneven particle size, machine overload and other issues.

(2) dust. PYB-2200 crusher dust seal to protect the oil installations are not into the dust, dust from the role of the main components in order to avoid abnormal wear and tear. The original design is the use of recycled water for dust, water pressure is difficult to control. Water pressure is too high, easy to make recycled water into the bowl Warri, causing oil and water mixture, water pressure is too low and reach the purpose of dust, while dust and the dust sedimentation tank can easily be blocked, clean-up is not easy. Overhaul in 1999, with circular sink. The flexible because of the sponge, always moving with the cone bottom and surface contact under the ball, blocking dust, ensuring that dust can also prevent water mixture circulating water through more than six months with very good results.

(3) oil spills. Cone crusher during operation and easy oil, if found in time, very likely caused by poor lubrication equipment accidents. In the production process, often oil pressure, oil temperature normal, while circulating the water with oil floating dust, demolition hanging examination revealed bevel gear lubrication is not good, excess oil around the bowl tile signs. The main reason for the bowl-watt back hole is too small, oil part of the missing, back to the fuel is small, the size of bevel gear can not guarantee good lubrication. Therefore, increasing the use of appropriate methods Bowl tile back to the hole to ensure oil return from the fundamental solution to the cone crusher bowl tile poor lubrication oil and bevel gear problem.

(4) Dilute the oil pump station maintenance. 2200 crusher CB-40-type gear pump, lubrication equipment as continuous operation, could easily lead to pump oil seal wear, leading to pump into the air instead of oil, about a month to repair, replace oil seal. Another poor lubrication pump gear also wear faster, they have a serious impact crusher normal production. 1995 overhaul of the two cone crushers, four pumps installed in the form. has been improved. From horizontal installation, to form. vertical installation.

The principle is to dilute the oil pump station installed in the oil below, both to ensure that lubricating oil pump is always in good working condition, they can use oil to seal the air, completely solved the oil pump into the air and thus do not cause a series of lubrication problems. After several years with no problems affect the host by the normal production of oil pump, improved cone crusher operating rate, but also extend the pump life, reducing the amount of maintenance.

(5) tapered bushing. August 1997 PYD-2200 Cone Crusher body strong vibration, when the moving load significantly increased the number of cone rotation. Hanging out catchy examination revealed conical copper sleeve 110mm long straight down to open a crack. Spindle with taper bushing bore clearance is too small. For the above, within the first tapered bushing hole shaving, so that the upper part of the spindle with taper bushing clearance is 3. 5mm, the lower part of the gap 8. 5mm and then tapered bushing wall cracks in the bottom of the middle and drill a 5mm hole to eliminate stress, as shown. Make this the end of life by repairing conical copper sleeve, has been used for nearly 3a, after repeated checks, cracks did not continue to extend the shaft and sleeve-hole gap is still within the provisions of the crusher operating normally.

2 Conclusion

Good equipment is state of the premise and guarantee safety.

There is a problem in the device must be carefully checked in time, analysis, find out the reasons, to repair and improve the production capacity of full play equipment, create more economic benefits.

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