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Sand making machine in Hongxing for you

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Sand making machine is the equipment which makes sand artificially. It can be impact crusher or cone crusher according to the materiel condition and production requirement.

Working features of sand making machine:

1. Simple structure and low running cost.

2. Less wear and using the principle of stone hitting stone.

3. High crushing efficient and lower power consumption.

4. It have grinding and coarse grinding function.

5. Less influence by materiel humidity and the materiel humidity can get about 8%.

6. The working noise is lower than 75db and the dust pollution is less.

7. It is applicable to grind the hard and medium hard materiel.

8. The production shape is cube and its bulk density is small. The iron pollution is less.

Sand making industry has a rapid developement with the emergence of kinds of models and varieties of impact sand making machines owning to the development of technology. However there have been many problems during the application process. Now our technician in Henan Zhongke Co.,Ltd will provid some knowledge about maintenance and safe operation of the impact sand making machine to our customers based on their feedback during the practical use. They are as follows:

Frst, the observed door should be opened regularly to check internal wear condition of the impact sand making machine after the machine stop running. For example, to chek the wear degree of the center feeding tube, cone hat, impeller, the downstream channel liner, circular retaining plate, the wear resistant block, and so on. Some worn parts should be replaced on time when replace the wear resistant blocks, they should be replaced at the same time to ensure that the new wear resistant block has the same weight with the former. But it is forbidden to open the observed door during the working time of the machine to avoid danger. The impellar body should be replaced or to be maintained by the manufacture once they are found worn out. We should pay special attention to that it is strictly prohibited to make impeller without the manufacture`s consent.

Second, the size of the taut power of the triangle tape should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangular belt bears equal force. When drive dual motor, the triangle tape on both sides should be divided again to have a new group matching and the length of each group should be uniform. as possible. The current difference between the two mator should not exceed 15A.

Third, super car grease or 3 # lithium grease is applied to the impact sand making machine. We should add appropriate amount of grease per 400 working hours. Open the spindle bearing to clean it every 2000 hours, and replace new bearing every 7200 hours.

The upper end of the spindle bearings is floatable, and the bottom end is fixed. Meanwhile the belt pulley should runs flexibly when be pulled by hand. The impact sand making machine is high-speed equipment, so we should pay attention to the safty work. Only the machine is shut down, can we repair it. If there are any problems, we suggest that you should ask a professional service man to resolve, it is strictly prohibited to demount the core parts of the machine without the permission of the manufacturer.

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