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Problems happen in mining industry

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As we all know, sand is the essential material for construction industry, its quality has an important influence on the quality of construction works. Now, the quality of nature sand is declining due to the disorderly exploitation and the depletion of resources. Instead, the project construction are more and more strict in the sand quality.

Although the sand and stone manufacturing industry rely on the application of new type equipment such as crushers and sand making device and the production capacity has been improved significantly, the number of the other industries that advance into the stone and sand market is very large, different knowledge and superficial comprehension to this field, there are a lot of problems existing in this field:

(1)The quality of many stone and sand products is very low which has a bad influence on the quality of the concrete. The low quality of the stone products leads to the low quality of the concrete to a great extent.

(2)The implementation and surveillance of the standard of this industry is not strict. No one carries out the standards, nor supervise them, which lead to vicious circle to a great extent and the quality and the stone product cannot be improved.

(3)Many people misunderstand or know little about this industry.

(4)The customers and even the manufacturers do not know completely the effects of the sand aggregate so that they cannot take the initiative to improve the product quality.

(5)The consumption of the resources is huge. As a resource-dependent industry, huge resource consumption does not shows in this industry, so if you want to gain more economic benefits with less cost, you will have to solve this problem fundamentally.

For this reason, more and more mining enterprises choose to expand into the concrete and stone and sand aggregate industry. Last year, the excess production capacity in the cement industry caused downturn of this market, so that many large-sized cement manufacturing companies are seeking for new market

Resource shortage and environmental protection enhancement are problems that many places are faced with. As a professional sand maker and professional vibrating screen manufacturer, according to many years’ experience specializing in the research and development of the stone and sand products and the results that survey and research recently

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