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China mining machinery must adopt life cycle management

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Life Cycle Management’s, or LCM, objective is to provide a range of products and services that achieves the lowest cost per ton over the life of the equipment. LCM is important because the cost to maintain, repair and rebuild the equipment over its life is 2-3 times the initial purchase price. LCM is of increased importance in today’s full production environment because every hour of downtime costs lost revenue that cannot be recovered.

We deploy Life Cycle Management at Joy Mining Machinery through a wide range of programs. They all add up to the most extensive aftermarket capability in the industry. In addition to spare parts distribution and our Centers of Excellence for rebuilds, we have 200 field service engineers around the world, in mines every day to work on improving equipment performance. Component Exchange Programs, or CEP, give the advantage of an immediate trade-out of critical components to allow the affected machine to get back to work as quickly as possible. Cost Per Ton, or CPT, programs deliver parts, rebuilds and maintenance at a specified cost per ton of mined product. CPT has consistently proven to deliver higher machine reliability at lower cost than conventional maintenance efforts. And finally, we also offer training courses and programs that enable mine personnel to become more effective in the operation and maintenance of our equipment.

Despite already being the recognized leader, we are working to extend our LCM programs in two important dimensions. First, we would like to provide full fleet management that would more effectively integrate our range of programs. In ultimate form, we would manage the equipment so you can focus on managing your mining operations.

Secondly, technology will significantly improve the effectiveness of all of our LCM programs. We are designing all of our control systems to support condition monitoring, remote diagnostics and shift productivity analysis, and also to support communicating this information to the surface. We firmly believe that it will be these capabilities that offer the next step-change in machine performance. We have already been able to use these tools to increase machine productivity by more than 50%. In the longer run, these will be essential tools to replace highly skilled workers who will begin retiring in the next few years. In fact, we envision 24/7 Tech Centers that support the work of underground crews through remote condition monitoring and remote diagnostics.

Until very recently reactive maintenance was still used in the mining industry. Equipment failures occurred without warning and resulted in catastrophic breakdowns and large production losses and maintenance cost.

As a result, the mining industry turned to preventative maintenance that focused on changing parts before they fail. Although preventative maintenance was an improvement over reactive maintenance practices, equipment reliability did not necessarily improve. Next came predictive diagnostics, which monitored the health of components within assemblies, and thereby predicting the life expectancy of assemblies through vibration analysis, infrared thermography, lubrication and oil analysis and ultrasonic detection.

However, the level of success could not be achieved. Many hours and a lot of money are spent in developing and implementing a maintenance management system, but without the correct approach, efficient maintenance might not be achieved. The overall objective of this dissertation is to introduce a logical approach to managing the maintenance of mining equipment over the economical life of the equipment. This concept can be defined as Life Cycle Management. The research included in this dissertation is partially aimed at developing the Life Cycle Management program for P&H MinePro Services A division of Joy Global (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.nThe dissertation also includes case studies on the P&H Mining Equipment (Blast Hole Drills) and their alliance partners (LeTourneau Front-end Loaders).The dissertation focuses on the cradle to grave approach of maintenance for mining machinery, referred to as the Life Cycle Management of Mining Machinery.

As you can see, Life Cycle Management is at the core of almost everything we do. We have highlighted many of the efforts currently deployed at Joy, and provided some insight into future extensions. If we can do a better job of aligning our programs with your needs or of delivering these programs more effectively, please let us know—because we want to make sure you are getting the lowest cost per ton over the life of your equipment.

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