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There is an example for controlong the energy consumption

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A model for analysis and monitoring of energy consumption was made at the Department of Surface Mining, Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade, headed by Prof. dr Radomir Simic. The model consists of four main blocks as follows: analytic block for structural design. analytic block for project design, correction for technological block and a block for existing technological process. The mentioned blocks permit that within a model zone, where analysis and preparation works are carried out, constructive and project designs are studied with the aim to estimate the installed power at machines, then working and technological parameters, as well as the adjustment of natural factors with the opening of the pit. In case the solutions within the construction and the project are correct, they are applied at the block of the existing technological process, namely the zone of the input data. The main part of the model represents the determining of standards and recording, thus allowing computer preparation and modelling in the coding and modelling zone. The final part of the model represents the zone of optimization and output data where the technological, spatial and organizational parameters are optimized and where the realized specific energy consumption and the economic effects are determined.

Elaboration of the said models was carried out by dr Miodrag Gomilanovid in the conditions of the “Potrlica” coal open pit mine in the Pljcvlja coal basin.

The annual coal capacity of the “Potrlica” coal open pit mine is 1.5 million tons, and 6.1 million m3 of overburden. The pit belongs to a deep type having exceptionally complex exploitation conditions. The complexity of conditions is determined by: depth of occurrence and angle of inclination of coal scam. properties of overburden. foot wall and coal seam with partings, strong presence of ground and surface waters, pronounced geomechanical problems, problems of storing the excavated overburden. seismical effects on the town of Pljevlja and other settlements. All those conditions determined the technology which during the process of excavating, loading and transportation of coal appears as discontinues, while it is combined in the process of overburden transportation.

Excavation of overburden and interlayer tailing is carried out at several levels from 5 to 15 meters, in high and depth, by bucket dredgers and draglines, with shovel bucket volume from 4 to 15 m3. Prior to excavation, drilling-blasting works on coal are performed as well as the works on interlayer tailing in almost entire hanging wall – overburden. Only the surface part of overburden, composed of humus and alluvial (pebble, sand and clay) is not blasted.

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