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A high efficient machine-Cone crusher

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Description of cone crushers

Cone Crusher uses the lubricant seal, the flaw which for the water and the drainage system has avoided to stop up disease which and incompatible easy to mix, the spring insurance system is the over-load protection, may gather the foreign matter, the iron slab through the stave cavity, but does not harm the breaker. Uses the drying oil or the water two kind of seal form, causes the stone powder and the lubricating oil isolates, guarantees reliably, the stave cavity form. decides the use by the ore use. The China cone manufacturers make Cone Crusher widely apply in professions and so on metal and nonmetalliferous ore, cement plant, building, and sand and crushed stone metallurgy. Is suitable in the iron ore, the non-ferrous metal ore, the granite, the limestone, the aposandstone, the sand-stone, and the cobblestone and so on.

The types of Hongxing are Rock cone crusher, Hydraulic cone crusher, Rock cone crusher and Secondary cone crusher. All of these have their own applied range.

Cone crusher features

1. Cost low with easy maintenance;

2. Stable performance with high reduction ratio;

3. Unique crushing ability in primary, secondary and tertiary crushing;

4. Spring insurance system to reduce down time.

5. Flexible configuration and a more stable system.

6. Medium hard and hard rocks and ores crushing;

7. Flexible capacity;

8. Easy replacement of wearing parts and top continuous crushing performance;

9. High reliability and durability.

10. Safe environment working conditions.

Working Principle of Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher materials by the working surface are between the movable cone and fixed cone. So it is more advanced and efficiency than Jaw Crusher. The movable cone is supported by spherical bearing and fixed on a hanging erect shaft which is set in the eccentric sleeve, and the sleeve is set on the stopping and pushing bearing. The movable cone and erect shaft are driven by the eccentric shaft sleeve together. The eccentric shaft sleeve is driven by horizontal shaft and gear, and the wheel of the conveyor belt is driven by motor through v-belts. The lower part of vertical shaft is installed in the eccentric sleeve. When the eccentric sleeve rotates, there is a conical surface lined out by the shaft. When the movable cone comes near the fixed cone, rocks are grinded into pieces, when the cone leaves, grinded materials is discharged from the discharge hole. The fixed cone can be ascended or descended by adjusting setting to adjust the width of discharge hole; consequently the output size is determined.

For higher productivity, better reliability and flexibility, long service life, and better final product quality, the Symons type cone crusher is absolutely your best choice. 

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